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Family Owned Automotive Reconditioning Company Serving The Southern New Hampshire Area Since 2017.

Detailing Services

Basic Wash Package- The perfect solution for the person that wants a clean exterior, without the damage auto car washes can cause,or having to do a hand wash yourself!
Pkg includes:

  • Exterior Wash
  • Wheels and Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Doorjams Cleaned
  • Hand Wax/Buff
  • Carpets/Mats/Seats vacuumed
  • Windows Cleaned
Prices: $50.00 for Cars, $65.00 for SUV’s & Trucks

Exterior Detail Package- Bring the Clean, Shiny New Car feel back to your Ride
Pkg includes:

  • Hand Wash
  • Clay Treatment to remove contaminants
  • Single Stage Machine Buff and Polish (Removes Light Scratches)
  • Hand Wax/ Buff
  • Carpets/Mats/Seats vacuumed
  • Windows Cleaned
Prices:$100.00 for Cars, $120.00 for SUV’s & Trucks, $150.00 for Exotic Cars

Interior Detail Package- Our deep interior clean brings back the new car feeling
Pkg includes:

  • Shampoo Carpets and Mats
  • Shampoo Cloth Seats/ Clean and Dress Leather Seats
  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Clean and Dress all vinyl and Plastics (Dash,Doors,Consoles)
  • Clean Headliner
  • Clean Windows
  • Complimentary Exterior Wash
Prices:$120.00 for Cars, $140.00 for SUV’s & Trucks, $160 for Exotic Cars

Total Vehicle Detail Package- This combines both the Interior and Exterior packages
Prices: $200.00 for Cars, $240.00 for SUV’s & Trucks, $300.00 for Exotic Cars

Paint Sealant can be substituted for wax treatment for an additional charge.
Traditional wax will protect your cars paint for approx. 2-3 weeks*
Paint Sealant will protect your cars paint for approx. 3-6 months*
*Length of time for protection varies due to driving conditions and environment

Paint Correction services: Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvinating the paintwork of your vehicle, mostly through the elimination of surface imperfections, that dull,oxidize, or haze the surface.

Price will vary based on the condition and type of vehicle

Ceramic Coating: The best protection for your vehicles paint. Provides a crystal clear sacraficial barrier, to your vehicles clear coat. Paint Correction is strongly advised before Ceramic Coating is applied, as the Coating will lock in any imperfections on the vehicles surface. Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle for 3-5 yrs*

Prices will vary based on the vehicle

Free Estimates: Set up an appt with us to give you a free vehicle assessment, so we can set up a plan that will best meet your detailing needs

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